Update from Bellevue Crime Meeting

Update from Bellevue Crime Meeting

Metro Police came to CrossPoint Church on Jan. 30, 2017, to address crime in the community.

They offered insight into recent crimes, local crime stats and answered questions of the crowd of 80 community members.

Three major takeaways from Monday night’s meeting include:
1. Park Smart – Don’t leave things in the car or the car unlocked. A large percentage of cars that are broken into or stolen are made accessible through an unlocked car or keys being easily obtained.

2. Sign up for a Safety Inspection – Sgt. Steve Linn will come to your home or business and complete a thorough safety inspection. This is service is available to you at no charge.

3. Register with Smart911. This is a great tool which offers the police additional information about the residents/pets in your home. It doesn’t take too long to sign up and is worth your time.

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