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Spending more time cooped up at home increases radon risks

Spending more time cooped up at home increases radon risks


 The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is encouraging residents to identify and address radon problems in their homes as part of Radon Action Month by offering free radon test kits and hosting educational outreach events.

“In winter weather, we are spending more and more time inside our homes, where exposure to radon is most likely,” said TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau. “Roughly three-quarters of Tennessee’s population lives in moderate- to high-risk areas for radon, which can pose a threat to human health in concentrated levels.”

Gov. Haslam has proclaimed January 2018 as Radon Action Month statewide to emphasize the importance around education, testing and mitigation.

It is especially important for homeowners to test their homes in lower Middle Tennessee because it has been designated a Zone 1 radon area by the EPA. This means that homes there are at the highest risk of having elevated radon levels. Most of the counties surrounding Davidson have been marked Zone 1.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed as a result of the breakdown of uranium, which occurs naturally in soil and rock. Radon is odorless, invisible and without taste. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer according to the

You can receive your free radon test kit by filling out this online form:, or by calling the Tennessee Radon Program hotline at 1-800-232-1139.

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