Driver accused of hit and run in Bellevue arrested

Driver accused of hit and run in Bellevue arrested

A woman faces drunken driving and assault with a deadly weapon charges after police say she caused two wrecks, one of which was a hit and run in Bellevue at the intersection of Hwy 100. and Old Hickory Boulevard on Friday.

Metro Police Officers were dispatched in search of a silver Nissan Altima. According to the affidavit, a witness spotted the Altima headed toward Nashville on Hwy. 100 with its hood folded up over the windshield and the driver, 41-year-old Michelle Bixler of Ashland City, hanging her head out the window to see around the hood.

Shortly after, police were called to the intersection of Harding Pike and Harding Place, where the affidavit says Bixler was actively ramming her Altima into the caller’s SUV in an attempt to flee the scene while drinking out of a box of wine. It was reported that two adults and a young child were inside the SUV at the time.

Bixler smelled strongly of alcohol and was taken into custody when officers arrived. She later stated she didn’t remember what happened, and that she had no idea where she was. She also denied having been drinking or being on any medication.

Police found a box of wine open and the spout pulled out in Bixler’s car. The bag inside the box holding the wine was “significantly less than full,” the affidavit said. There were also two empty airplane bottles of liquor found in her driver door.

Bixler agreed to perform standard field sobriety tasks but was physically unable to do so, and she could not stand without assistance. Bixler then gave her consent for a blood analysis for alcohol or drugs.

While waiting for her paperwork and for her blood to be drawn, Bixler fell asleep, swaying back and forth making grunting noises. At one point, she fell over and onto the nurses’ tray.

Bixler faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, driving under the influence and having an open container.

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