Car burglaries on the rise in Spring Hill: 43 reported in May alone

Car burglaries on the rise in Spring Hill: 43 reported in May alone


The city of Spring Hill has seen a recent string of car burglaries, with 43 vehicle burglaries reported during the month of May, according to Spring Hill Police.

Wallets, laptops, and even firearms are among some of the items that have been stolen last month. Spring Hill Police urge residents to lock their car doors, and to not leave valuables in vehicles.

Police say most cars burglarized are left unlocked.

“For the past month, we’ve had 43 actual vehicle burglaries,” public information officer Lt. Justin Whitwell said. “None of them were actual break-ins, they’re all just lifting the handles and entering the vehicles that way.”

Firearms left in vehicles are of great concern as well, with 8 firearms were reported stolen last month, including a shotgun.

In addition to vehicle break-ins, 3 vehicles have also been stolen, with one being recovered by  the Metro Nashville Police Department on Monday. This particular vehicle reportedly had 2 firearms inside when it was stolen. Whitwell said this particular vehicle was stolen from an apartment complex right across from city hall, off of Kedron Road.

Spring Hill Police are currently in talks with the Metro Nashville Police Department to retrieve the property and suspect information.

“It happens every summer,” Whitwell said. “It’s when the kids get out of school. Probably not in this magnitude – we’ve had a lot [since] the beginning of this summer.”

Whitwell also warns about another concern of vehicle theft – identity theft.

“People leave their laptops, their wallets, purses – and that’s going to have identifying information for the victim,” Whitwell said. “So if any of these suspects decided they wanted to steal the identity of some of these victims, they probably could.”

Police say simply locking your vehicle is the easiest and best approach to deterring would-be thieves.

“We’ve got video showing if you lock your car, they go on to the next car,” Whitwell said. “They’re not busting windows, they’re just lifting door handles. We just want everyone to just lock their car. That’s going to alleviate a lot of the issues we’re having right now.”

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