Budget committee says yes to school raises


Williamson County teachers could see a pay raise.

Even as the county’s budget committee told school administrators Thursday night to cut $5 million out of a requested budget, they made it clear they want school personnel to get a pay hike.

County Mayor Rogers Anderson first told the committee he’d like to see a 3 percent pay raise.

“I don’t think I can get that sold,” he said.

The budget committee voted 5-0 for the pay raise, but at a 2 percent hike. If passed by the full county commission in July, it would mean a pay raise for all of the county’s 2,300 school employees.

Anderson made an issue of the fact that he wanted to make sure all teachers get the raise. The way mandates work currently, teachers with up to 21 years experience get a higher pay raise than those over that cap, he said.

“I have had a problem philosophically that a group of people get a raise and others don’t,” Anderson said.

Also, due to state funding there are 500 teachers who would not get raises because of caps.

The way the county set it up, every teacher would be eligible for a raise.

The pay raise would equal an extra $4.3 million in the school’s operational budget, officials said. That will be part of the $338 million 2017-2018 fiscal year budget the committee approved Thursday to go before the commission.

“I’ll do the 2 percent,” Anderson said.

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