BREAKING: Sunday performances cancelled at Pilgrimage Festival

BREAKING: Sunday performances cancelled at Pilgrimage Festival

PHOTO: Festival attendees waited at the front of Harlinsdale Park on Saturday night before hearing the evening’s performances had been cancelled./Brooke Wanser


Pilgrimage Festival has shut down all performances on Sunday due to unsafe weather, according to a post on their official Instagram page.

“Due to the unsafe conditions at Harlinsdale Farm and the threat of continued inclement weather,  the City of Franklin and Deputy Chief Todd Horton of Emergency Management have declared that September 23rd’s event has been cancelled,” the Pilgrimage team wrote in the post.

Chris Stapleton and Dave Matthews and Tim Cook were slated to perform tonight.

As continued rain showers make their way through Middle Tennessee, many festival patrons expressed concern on Twitter about unsafe driving conditions and precariously muddy parking lots.

This is a breaking story, and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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