As we move through life, our "village" transforms us as children, as parents


It takes a village.

Sure, this is true for the development of a child, but also for one’s continued journey into adulthood, and especially, parenthood (of course parenthood can sometimes force adulthood … or was that just partially me?).

Anyway, whether it is producing professionally, chasing lifetime goals or
creating a loving home environment for family, our ethos and outlook on life continuously evolve, partially due to things like technology advancements and new jobs, but certainly due to the transformation of one’s village.

Sarah and I strive to embrace this said evolution. We undoubtedly subscribe to the notion that our makeup is a direct product of the hundreds (if not thousands) of relationships formed with all people we cross paths with – admittedly some more (hello… again, boss) than others (another awkward wave from the neighbor). In fact, this belief has influenced many of our biggest life decisions, despite often making the chosen path more challenging than the alternative.

I could sit here and tell you our decisions to adopt from Africa, to create opportunities to live in Europe and Asia and to drop our careers to become
entrepreneurs were for a multitude of reasons … and while that is true, all of those reasons really stem from our desire to learn from others and appreciate their perspective.

Today, our inner-community just so happens to also include countless amazing Middle Tennessee families that we interact with through our pediatric therapy services. The love for the children being served is shared by all the families, therapists and staff, but so are a lot of life’s challenges, tips and tricks. And of
course, we all want our family to find our happy niche in the community and thrive.

In writing this blog, we want to connect. We want to reassure. We want to support. We are far from perfect and will always remain incredibly flawed people, but we feel led to share not only our perspective, but more importantly, our village’s perspective.

As life becomes seemingly more and more complicated in 2017, knowing your community supports you and can relate in many ways is powerful.

If we can lend any perspective, spark any new ideas or just simply provide laughter and reassurance that we also went through potty training episodes, we would be thrilled. We look forward to interacting and contributing one small way to bridging the community together.

Sarah and Kyle Keene operate Project Play and Franklin Speech & Learning Center, which serve Middle Tennessee through a network of more than 50 therapists with office locations in Nashville, Franklin and Nolensville. They provide Pediatric Occupational and Speech Therapy, with concentrations also including Physical and Feeding Therapy.

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