An interview with Metro Council District 22 hopeful Todd Sneed

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Three political newcomers are actively campaigning for the open District 22 Metro Council seat being vacated by term-limited Bellevue councilmember Sheri Weiner. Being active in the community is the one thing they all share.

The Bellevue HomePage reached out to candidates Art Allen, Gloria Hausser, and Todd Sneed, asking them to answer the same four questions concerning their campaign strategies and their plans for Bellevue’s District 22 if elected.

District 22 serves most of the Bellevue population and encompasses most of the commercial properties, including One Bellevue Place. It is home to many Metro entities, such as the Bellevue Branch Library, Red Caboose Park, Bellevue Middle School, and soon-to-be opened Ford Ice Center and Community Center.

Many voters missed out on a free candidates’ forum last month (a paid Bellevue Harpeth Chamber event was held July 11), so this is a chance for voters to hear from the hopefuls.

The following are the emailed responses submitted by Sneed, a resident of Bellevue since 1967, who has been dedicated to coaching and supporting youth sports in Bellevue through the Bellevue Sports Athletic Association.

As a political newcomer with the election less than a month away, how is your campaign helping District 22 voters learn about you in such a short period of time?

I have personally been contacting constituents by Facebook, phone, email, text or in person. My wife Mary has been contacting her friends as well.

An article was published a few weeks ago in the Bellevue Sports Weekly about me running for District 22 Council. I have a mailer coming out to over 2,100 residences in the 22 District next week.

What is the biggest blight or community issue facing Bellevue now, and what would you do to remedy it?

I would like to see the old Shoney’s restaurant property (on Highway 70 South and Interstate 40) and the unfinished building across the street from it, either completed, remodeled of removed.

Would you support a property tax increase to give raises to Metro employees (teachers, police officers, etc.), many of whom live in Bellevue?

I know government employees have not been taken care of like they have been promised and should be, but I would like to review budgets and spending to see if money could be used differently without having to raise taxes.

If a constituent asked, “Why should I vote for you?” what would be your response?

I have been a resident of Bellevue for over 50 years, I have dedicated the last 25 years of coaching youth’s sports, being a volunteer for a 501c3 youth organization for over 15 years, volunteered and help build the original Red Caboose Park.

I answered the call to assist in rescues during the Flood of 2010 at River Plantation and now I am ready to work for all the residents and businesses of District 22 and look forward to their vote and support to represent them.

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