250K Tree Day backers extend ordering deadline, increase limit

250K Tree Day backers extend ordering deadline, increase limit
The Tennessee Environmental Council announced Thursday that the deadline for ordering trees, and the ordering limit, both have been extended in their effort to plant 250,000 trees on a single day.
Starting now, you can order up to 100 more tree seedlings (quantity of 20 bundles) with a $1 donation per tree seedling. And, the tree order deadline has been extended to Sunday, Feb. 11.
Ordered trees will be distributed at businesses, churches, government offices, parks and other locations all over the state.
Those who may have already ordered trees with the limit of 5 bundles or 25 tree seedlings per order may order more trees now: up to 100 seedlings for $1 per tree donation.

On Feb. 24, 2018, organizers hope to plant 250,000 native tree seedlings across Tennessee.*

This will be the largest community-tree-planting event in Tennessee history, and is the largest tree-planting event in the United States (click here to learn about other tree-planting efforts across the country).

**Never planted a tree seedling before?  Find out how by watching this video.

If you would like to make a contribution and add your name and logo to the list of sponsors, please contact Kelly West at kwest@tectn.org.

February 11 – Registration for trees closes

February 23 – Tree-planters pick up their trees at the distribution center chosen

February 24 — Plant those seedlings and post your pictures

May 15 — Check for survival and leaf out

June-October — Water as necessary

* Actual numbers may vary depending upon funding, volunteers, weather, and other factors

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